Act II unleashed!

Welcome gladiators. Today sees the release of Swords and Sandals version 1.0.2 and with it a wealth of changes, new features and of course the beginning of the next Act.
Here are some of the major changes you can expect to come across as you adventure forth.

  • New Dungeon - The Vengeful Pyramid, a mysterious ancient temple dedicated to a long forgotten deity.
  • Over 15 new monsters, including jaguars, scarab beetles and the all powerful beholder
  • Chapter 1 of Act II - all new quests and a new Arena Champion to fight. Chapter 2 will follow shortly.
  • Your House - a building your gladiators contribute to and reside in. Build and furnish as your gladiators fight for your honour. From here you can switch between 5 gladiators. You can also create your own house crest.
  • The player's house will soon become the hub for multiplayer combat and player world rankings.
  • Improved shopping system - Buy and sell multiple quantities in one purchase.
  • Runestones - The power to enchant weapons and armour with magical abilities by finding runestones.
  • Improved magic and combat, many bug fixes and refinements to make combat fairer but more challenging.
  • Dozens of new items to find and interact with in the dungeons, including larders, pools of water and magic mirrors.
  • UI and stability fixes including 'completed quest list' and 'Artefact Piece locations' and small graphical improvements
  • Minigame 'WolfN'Swine' added to the pre-loader. Play while the game loads.

That highlights the major changes and as you can see we've been busy.
We hope you enjoy the next stage of Swords and Sandals V and please keep sending us those ideas for improvements, or if you find a bug, just fill in the support form.