And so Gladiators - Act V Is Ready

Well fellow gladiators, the first story arc is now complete. Characters can now play through over 40 quests from Act I through Act V. You can head right over to our sister site,, and buy the complete tale for an unbelievably low price of $18.  That's the same price that it would cost you for only 2 franchises!

Here's a summary of what's changed in the latest version.

  • Act V is now ready - It is a short act and is the conclusion to the main game and is basically the big showdown with Antares.
  • Act IV is complete! Four new quests added including "Ancestor Statues", "The Third Ward", "El Toro Diablo" and "To Hell and Back"
  • Health Regeneration is now in the game! Your character will regain health slowly while walking around in the dungeon based on your endurance. To really get your health back fast, you'll still want potions.
  • When your character regenerates health, you'll see some small green crosses appear above their heads.
  • When you click on shops, you go straight to the shop inventory page and can click "Talk to Shopkeeper" if you wish. Just saves time. You can also heal and repair from here in the right shops.
  • New button on your inventory in shops "Sell Trash Items" - click this to sell all the miscellaneous junk you find in dungeons all at once. If it doesn't have a use, this will sell it for gold.
  • Straminus the Alchemist can heal characters now too. Meaning you can heal from The Alchemist, the Church or the Arena.
  • You can now have a meal at the Bellowing Walrus Tavern. The cost of the meal goes up the higher your level. When you eat, your hunger is restored to 100.
  • Reduced the penalty for dying down to 5% of your gold ( from 10%) and increased your health to 50% on death.
  • Significantly increased the amount of gold you receive from killing monsters in dungeon - including dungeon guardians and sentinels, who now drop large (1000+) amounts of gold on death
  • Combat AI has been improved a fair bit. Gladiators are now more likely to use their special skills than before.
  • The essence cost for skills in the Arcane tree has been increased by 50 % . This is to make it a bit harder for mages, who are currently overpowered.
  • Added Bookshelves to the game. These appear very rarely, but search them for a chance to find Double Bubble Games for the Straminus quest.
  • Character's stat sheet now shows up on the town screen - had a few requests for this one!
  • Increased the chance of metals appearing when destroying boulders in the "Detonations for Charity" quest
  • Character's inventory sheet now shows how much weight you're carrying - I accidentally removed this, now it's back.
  • Weather information moved to the Quest/Grail Page on your character sheet
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't view the House Screen from the interface panel ( and thus search for multiplayer battles)
  • Fixed wrong achievement triggers for walking 5/10/25 miles
  • Fixed missing legs on some enemy humanoid monsters like golems and floralisks
  • Fixed bug where Essence did not regenerate on death
  • Fixed bug where multiple items of the same type were being enchanted
  • Fixed repair hammer bug. Only a one in ten chance of it not being able to repair your armour. Every time you use it though, one hammer is used up.
  • Sentinels throughout each dungeon are now tougher - their character levels have been raised.

Good luck finishing. Then I think you should all do it again with a new character.

Who's Gladiator house will reign supreme?  And are we done?