Behold - A New Version!

We have just uploaded a new version that contains some major changes to the game. The biggest is the change to the shop UI and a few bugs have been fixed. Take a moment from destroying your enemies and read through the list below or read through the change log once you log into the game.

Version 1.0.3G

  • The shop system has been completely overhauled. Gone are the scrollbars, now replaced by an icon system - this is because we're also building the game for mobile devices and we wanted both systems to be consistent with each other.
  • The new shop system allows you to sort items into smaller groups , such as 'food only' , 'runes' only, and so on.
  • Improved the House Panel by merging the "Edit my House" and "Talk to Builder" buttons into one. This screen gives you an overview of your House Ranking and so on
  • Sir Thomas now sells ingredients instead of the Alchemist
  • Reduced the cost of getting your Keep up and running (1000 gold or 5 gems per level)
  • Added pictures to all the items you can buy for the keep ( in the Furniture tab )
  • Ranged weapons are now in the game! You can buy them from Ironhawk's. They do not require arrows - I will be replacing arrows with another item in the next patch.
  • Fixed a bug where the Church took your money even if you chose not to confess your sins (Classic church move!)
  • Limited the amount of gold characters can win from fighting other human opponents to 10,000 gold pieces
  • Fixed a bug where gladiators would regain all health when fighting in the battle pits for a second time (Sorry guys, this was not supposed to happen!)
  • Fixed a bug where characters that were pushed would get up still facing the wrong way
  • Beefed up the Wolf of Gallowstone's stats to make him more of a challenge
  • AND make sure you check out the new death animations in the Battle Pits

Work is still ongoing so make sure you keep up the feedback. It's been extremely helpful and very constructive.

Good hunting Gladiators!