Welcome to Swords and Sandals 5 Beta!

Welcome to the first public beta release of Swords & Sandals 5! We’re delighted to be able to finally unveil the game for the fans. It feels like an eternity since Swords & Sandals IV, and this is indeed a milestone event for us. Since the game is in beta, you may find there some bugs and strange things happening in your game. If you find anything confusing or would like to suggest a feature, please do to tell us by going to the Support page and filling in the feedback form.

As of today, the beta will allow you to play through the first chapter and into the second chapter. At some point, the Doctore will mention you can no longer do any quests – keep checking back each day as we add content and quests. For this initial beta we’ll be advancing the story until we reach the end of Act One (six or seven chapters in). From there, we’ll refine the game further and a short time after, the plan is to release Act Two (with a new dungeon set and plenty of surprises) in November.

Finally we’d just like to thank everyone for their patience and we hope you enjoy taking this journey with us.

Oliver and the team.