And so Gladiators - Act V Is Ready

Well fellow gladiators, the first story arc is now complete. Characters can now play through over 40 quests from Act I through Act V.

Swords & Sandals now on Android!

Gladiators rejoice! We're pleased to announced the release of the classic original Swords & Sandals game on Android mobile and iPhone. Featuring 18 tournaments, lots of weapons and spells and fast paced RPG combat, it's perfect for gladiators on the move. We hope you enjoy playing the original and please rate and review the game if you enjoy it.

Get Swords & Sandals for Android here

Behold - A New Version!

We have just uploaded a new version that contains some major changes to the game. The biggest is the change to the shop UI and a few bugs have been fixed. Take a moment from destroying your enemies and read through the list below or read through the change log once you log into the game.

Version 1.0.3G

Act III completed: This may sting a bit!

Still recovering from the wounds my gladiators took completing Act II, it's time to launch head on into Act III. Here's what you can expect to find.

* New dungeon, the White Wyrm Caverns
* Character Level advancement raised to level 30
* 16 new monsters including the Devourer, Yugazoid, Disciples of Bargle and the Iron Enforcer
* Fight the mighty dragon Thangreal
* Join HeChaos’ infamous Legion and take part in 10 exciting new quests
* New armour, weapons and items such as the powerful Elixr of Destruction – a potion to instantly kill monsters

Game Update

Act III is well advanced now so there should be lots to keep you busy. With the addition of individual houses to build, one on one duels with rival gladiators, the opening of the White Wrym caverns and plenty of new monsters and quests...there's plenty to challenge even the mightiest of gladiators.

Act II unleashed!

Welcome gladiators. Today sees the release of Swords and Sandals version 1.0.2 and with it a wealth of changes, new features and of course the beginning of the next Act.
Here are some of the major changes you can expect to come across as you adventure forth.

Act II and new features on the way!

Act I was a tricky and sometimes brutal affair with 11 quests to complete, 4 bosses to destroy and 20 levels of the Hypogeum to battle through. I am thankful for the short rest before I pick up my weapons and venture forth into Act 2.

Welcome to Swords and Sandals 5 Beta!

Welcome to the first public beta release of Swords & Sandals 5! We’re delighted to be able to finally unveil the game for the fans. It feels like an eternity since Swords & Sandals IV, and this is indeed a milestone event for us. Since the game is in beta, you may find there some bugs and strange things happening in your game. If you find anything confusing or would like to suggest a feature, please do to tell us by going to the Support page and filling in the feedback form.

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